Whirlpool & Operation Instructions

WARNING: When using this unit, precautionary steps should be followed to prevent electrical shock or personal injury.

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  1. Do not permit children to use this product unless adult supervision is available.
  2. Do not drop or put any foreign objects into any opening in the bathing unit.
  3. Make sure the safety guard suction cup is covered with the strainer fitting installed on your system.
  4. Electrical connections should only be made to a circuit that is protected by a ground-fault circuit interrupter (GFCI). The GFCI should be provided and installed by your installer. The GFCI is designed to interrupt power and turn off your system. Should this happen, push the reset button and power should be restored. If the GFCI fails to operate, the GFCI is defective. If the GFCI interrupts power without the test button being pushed, a ground current is present and there is a risk of electrical shock. Do not use the system, disconnect the system and have the problem corrected by a qualified technician before using again.
  5. A grounding lug is provided on the exterior of the control panel (where applicable) & system pump to allow the connection of a Number 8, solid copper wire, for all other electrical equipment and exposed metal in the same general area, to comply with local code and electrical requirements.
  6. Do not use any attachments not recommended by the manufacturer and use it for its intended purposes as described in this manual.
  7. Do not attempt to run the pump/motor while the module is dry.
  8. Be sure the installation meets and conforms with all code requirements.
  9. Service and or repairs must be performed by a qualified service representative.
  10. Questions regarding the installation or operation of the unit may be directed to: CUSTOMER SERVICE 574-453-2902