Storage Instructions

Protect your Inventory

A distributor will benefit greatly from a good inventory of Diamond Tub & Showers products. Proper storage methods protect your inventory from damage.

Place the units in rows in a corner of the warehouse away from heavy traffic areas.

Double-decking of units is possible when in cartons. If units are not crated, a balcony constructed of 2×4’s or plywood is recommended. This allows for even weight distribution.

If no building is available, it is recommended that units be turned upside down, carefully set on top side flange and stored so inside of units face each other. This is also recommended at job site locations.

NOTE: Failure to comply with one of the above storage methods may result in damage to units and is not covered by our warranty. Diamond Tub & Showers recommends outside storage be limited to 30 days or less. This will reduce handling and weather related damage.