Centennial Bath Tubs & Showers

Year’s of research, experimentation and persistence has resulted in a manufacturing break-through for producing durable and uniquely styled bathing modules. Centennial’s patent-pending process allows multiple-level shelving with no loss of floor space.

Centennial Design Characteristics

Ample Shelf Space

With Centennial’s molding process, crisp shelving patterns allow more shelving space for your shower essentials. No more tub caddies or stick on shelving!

Tapered Seat Designs

Centennial’s patent-pending process creates tapered shower seats for larger seating areas with less floor space used!

Sprawling Tub Well Capacity

Reverse slant designs in the tub wells allow roominess that cannot be experienced with anyone else’s product.

Eye Catching Appeal

Experience the wave of the future! The center of each tub or shower offers unique styling and increased shoulder room.

User Friendly

Increased structural integrity and renovating style incorporated itno each tub and shower, Centennial tubs and showers are easy to work with during installation. Centennial’s tubs and showers are less susceptible to damage such as cracks, chips, mold and drag marks.

Towel Bar

Every Centennial Tub or Shower has a built in towel bar.

Special Needs Adaptability

Centennials tubs & showers are engineered for grab bars, or other special care hardware.